The Home Theater PC Adventure Begins

Well; we’re finally getting a Home Theater PC (HTPC). I’ve been dreaming of this moment for about a year or so, but never really pursed it. I’m the kind of person that doesn’t intoxicate myself with things I cannot have. So; I just left it alone. The wife and I’ve been talking about it, though, ever since I introduced her to the Boxee Box, showcased at CES 2010.  The wife LOVES Boxee and she’s been playing with it on her desktop machine.

I’m starting to do my research and getting ready to emerge myself into the HTPC-underworld. Of course, I know nothing about this. I have some PC-building skills, but that’s only a hobby. I’m a big Linux geek and I plan to run Mythbuntu and Boxee on the intended machine. I’ll blog from time to time to share my resources, but I’m also looking for any advice.

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Boxee RPM Available for Fedora 12

I almost blew my lid when I finally found this web site. I’ve been searching the Internets for anything with the keywords “boxee”, “rpm”, “fc12”, and “fedora 12”. My only result was an RPM for Fedora 10. The version of Boxee was x.7.x and the most recent version of Boxee is x.20.x. That wasn’t going to work – I HAVE to have the latest, I’m running Fedora for peace sake – how much more bleeding edge can I be!?

Well; luck would have it, I came across a forum thread where kurgan posted his latest Boxee/Fedora 12 build. The Great Guin smiles upon us all! So; I’m posting this blog entry to help spread the good word that a Fedora 12/Boxee RPM is out there!

Introducing Boxee Fedora 10/11/12 Port – Boxee Forum Thread

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Birthday Thanks!

I’m very grateful to all my friends on Facebook, Twitter, and various forums (really bots) that wished me a happy birthday. It was really heart-warming getting all those birthday wishes.  You folks put a smile on my face.  I’m not really into presents and such, but as long as you wish be a “happy birthday”, I’m good to go!

I pretty much enjoyed the day and I was rewarded with our DSL package coming in the mail earlier that day – so we have Internet at our new house! Sweet!