What can I say about this site? It’s ran by me, Marc F. Ferguson also known as the great and mighty ruler of what’s-left-of-Cybertron… FergatROn. Don’t judge me! This is my personal domain where I rant about the things that make me tick. I’m a big FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) advocate and I’m a self-proclaimed Jedi (Marfe Jokin II, Nosaccord of Exedrin). Not a Jedi Master, that would be too arrogant. I must have modesty oozing from the pores of my skin, the words from my speech, the very orifices of my body!

If I can sum it up for you… I’m a hardcore gamer that’s been forced to grow up through the reality of having a family, full-time job, and a web development company. I’ve turned into… dare I say it… a casual gamer. /facepalm

More About Me… I Know, I’m So Vain!

I’m a freelance web developer (Klectic Media). I’ve been married since 2003 and I have three wonderful children. My wife is awesome and she’s from the mystical land of Can · aid · ia.

Web Site Status

  • 14 Apr 2016 - I’ve migrated the site from Wordpress to Jekyll (a static site generator).
  • 06 Jan 2008 – For anyone that may be following this site, there is an existing www.fergytech.NET site and I’m slowly migrating that site to this .COM domain.
  • 09 Feb 2008 – I’ve decided to go with Katina’s first idea of using .com for my own site and leaving .net alone. I’m going to upgrade Joomla to v1.5 (because it rocks) and then I’ll leave the site alone. So; .com will be my laboratory of technical mishaps!
  • 29 Feb 2008 – I’m finding it easier and easier to post using WordPress. I also like the widget ability. One of these days I’m going to make a widget that will help me automatically port my posts to www.fergytech.net site – even though its in another program (Joomla).
  • 01 Jan 2010 – I’m thinking of revamping FergyTech dot Net, but I’m unclear if I should use Joomla or Buddypress. I’ve changed the theme of this blog so that it fits my technical and design skills. My content is mostly technical, but I have a designer’s eye. Whatever!

Quotes I Like to Use

  • “Let the blind lead the blind… it’s more fun to watch.“
  • “When life gives me lemons… I make Linuxaide! Hmm good stuff.“