Recently I logged into my account to continue my good free status to realize that their free service has been discontinued. I then performed an emergency Google Search for “free dns” and found What amazed me is this group is certainly taking advantage of DynDNS’ move and asked me if I recently lost my free DynDNS account. YUP! Enough of my story, here’s how to setup the No-IP client on your Fedora machine.

Obtain your No-IP Account

This move is self-explanatory.

Download the Client

Direct your browser to the No-IP knowledge base (link below) or YUM it up baby! Most of the commands below require administrative access to your machine (sudo).

yum install noip

Configure the No-IP Client

  1. Create a default configuration file. You will then be prompt for your No-IP credentials.
  2. Add noip to the startup list whenever your computer starts.
  3. Turn the noip service on.

noip2 -C

systemctl enable noip

systemctl start noip